As Akcoat, protecting health and the environment, ensuring safety and resource efficiency, and continually enhancing these tenets are fundamental to our business strategy. Continuously working for a sustainable future, developing innovative products, and enhancing our technological infrastructure is our top priority in all of our work, relations with our stakeholders, and commercial endeavors.

From the perspective of corporate sustainability, we have adopted the following issues as our responsibilities and unwavering principles

  • To create sustainable products and services that provide added value to our stakeholders by adapting to shifting market conditions and customer demands,
  • To work relentlessly to be the preferred solution partner for our customers' current and future needs,
  • To comply with national and international legal regulations and other obligations in the regions where we conduct business,
  • To continually enhance the quality of our business processes, products, and services and to reduce our risks on a daily basis,
  • To reduce our impact on health, safety, and the environment across the entire supply chain
  • Constantly enhancing energy efficiency and attempting to conserve resources when designing our activities,
  • Developing technology, alternative raw material sources, and working methods and implementing them in order to continuously improve our quality, environmental, health, and safety performance,
  • With all our stakeholders; to ensure the safety of our operations, to ensure our quality, to protect the environment, to prioritize the health of our employees, and to be committed to working together.

As Akcoat, it is our most important commitment and greatest assurance for our future that all of our employees are committed to these principles and actively participate, while advancing towards becoming an organization that respects universal values, adopts continuous learning as a principle, cares about the future of the world, and has a human-centered perspective with employees.