Ceramic frit is one of the most strategically important input materials that directly influences the quality and appeal of ceramic products. Acting as the major raw material that coats the surface of ceramic products, ceramic frit is itself a semi-product and an amorphous form of glass.

Having built a state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment system in line with the changing technologies, Akcoat follows all developments and innovations in domestic and international ceramic industry and rapidly becomes an innovative and dynamic brand in the ceramic frit market.

The major objectives of Akcoat are to meet Turkey’s ceramic frit demand with 100% local means and labor force and to bring in foreign exchange to Turkey by exporting this semi-product that has so far caused currency loss.



  • Opaque, Transparent and Matte Frits for Wall Tiles (Monoporosa and Double Fired)
  • Opaque, Transparent and Matte Frits for Floor Tiles and Glazed Porcelain Tiles
  • Frits Containing Titanium Oxide
  • Decorative-Tableware Ceramic Frits
  • Artistic Frits
  • High Expansion and Melted Frits
  • Composite Glazes
  • Composite Engobes
  • Digital Inks
  • Design Solutions