Glass has uses in vehicles, constructions, household goods, medicine, food and beverage industry,
kitchen tools as well as for scientific, decorative and artistic purposes.
As product in particular can be detailed as window glass, picture frame glass, glass table, glass shelf,
glassware, automobile windshield and oven door glass. Depending on where it is used, the properties
of glass substrate may change and we, as Akcoat, produce glass frits suitable for these properties of

We, as Glass Coating Materials Department, develop and offer products by using the ultimate
production technologies to our business partners in below segments:

Household Appliances             Tempered glass paints with high resistance (Bismuth and Zinc based
alternatives are available)
Decorative Lines                       Tempered glass paints
Glassware                                 Pad printing paints, Medium, Flux
Glass Packaging                       Etch imitation paints, Thermoplastic paints, Forehearth coloring frits
Automotive Glass Paints           Bismuth based with high quality performance tempered glass paints
Special Lines                             Dual prints, Cold press, Shatter Proof (Ask for more unique
technology products)
Mediums                                    Carrier products for paints in different specialties
Frits                                            +40 years old frit production experience, various types of frits (With
correlative  glass expansion coefficient)
You are always welcome to demand samples, new challenging products and technical service from