Attaching great value to people, Akcoat adopts acting with social responsibility in all operations as a fundamental and constant element of governance. In addition to offering products and services in line with these social responsibility standards, the company’s policy is also a commitment to give employees all rights resulting from the standards within the framework of laws, to abide by occupational health and safety rules, to pay attention to environmental issues, and to establish an open and honest communication environment for employees where they are respected and valued.

Our Social Responsibility Policy includes the following elements:

  • Legal Compliance
    We comply with all legal liabilities relevant to our company.
  • Anti-discrimination
    Based upon the fact that all employees have equal rights, we make sure that there is no discrimination in recruitment, compensations, access to trainings, or promotions and that dismissal or retirement decisions are not based upon racial, religious, nationality, gender, or political discrimination.
  • Salary System
    Regular and overtime payments are made as dictated by the laws. The amount stated in the laws is accepted as the baseline and after evaluation of know-how, talents and performance, salaries can be increased to improve employees’ living conditions.
  • Working Hours
    Applicable laws are applied in determining the working hours and overtime is performed upon voluntary basis.
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    With occupational health and safety trainings, awareness is raised in employees and they are encouraged to participate in related practices. We are continuing improvement efforts by performing risk analyses and remedying the deficiencies. We aim to offer a healthy working environment for all employees.
  • Child Labor
    We comply with all legal procedures and principles on child labor. People under the age of 18 are not employed.
  • Forced and Compulsory Labor
    Forced and compulsory labor is prohibited and all work is voluntary based. Any verbal, physical or psychological harassment and violence that may tarnish employees’ personality and honor is avoided.
  • Labor Contracts (Employer Contracts) 
    “Labor Contract and Personnel Regulations Document” that contains all conditions to be offered to candidates in line with the laws and company procedures is drawn between the company and the candidate. The candidate signs the “Labor Contract and Personnel Regulations Document” while accepting the job.
  • Management Systems
    Social accordance, occupational health and safety, and environmental management operations are organized in line with the applicable laws and regulations. Customers’ workplace code of conduct is complied. It is a fundamental basis to combat bribe and corruption, to pay attention to fair competition, to be open to innovation, to adopt new goals constantly, to improve working conditions for the benefit of employees, customers and the company, and to ensure sustainability.