Human Resources Policy

At Akkök Group, to achieve sustainable value, we create this culture on to future generations by creating a climate where our employees are confident and proud to work. While working to develop, sustainable, fair, innovative, transparent and following innovations Human Resources processes and practices that will help realize Akcoat's vision, strategy and goals;

  • We create an environment where employees feel safe and produce innovative ideas with our fair and even-handed management style,
  • We ensure that employees feel a sense of pride and ownership for the business outcomes of our company realized through their own contributions,
  • We create the necessary environment by supporting teamwork and working together to achieve success,
  • We encourage our employees to always look for ways to innovate and empower them to realize such innovations,
  • We take responsibility for growth, take advantage of learning opportunities, and achieve success by learning from each other,-We cherish our differences as a source of richness,
  • We see and value our differences as our wealth,
  • We respect human rights; we avoid all acts against human rights, such as child labor, forced labor and human trafficking,
  • We enhance what we do through open communication, and we make constant progress,
  • We seize on good practices and reward them,
  • We develop their competencies and prepare them for critical positions by creating a backup plan for our employees,
  • We ensure that the right employee is in the right position according to their competencies.

We manage all our processes with the values of "Sincerity and Honesty", "Respect for the Environment and People", "Excellence in Service", "Transparency", "Accountability", "Sense of Responsibility" and "Equality".