The LIFE REPLAY project: Unveiling a recycling-source of heavy metal-based solidscomponent and organic effluent for use in the ceramic industry, financed by the LIFE

Programme of the European Union (Ref. LIFE20 ENV/ES/000115) has just launched its website compiling all relevant information on this initiative which is coordinated by the Institute for Ceramic Technology (ITC-AICE) with the participation of the companies KEROS CERAMICA, S.L., NEPTURY TECHNOLOGIES, S.L, AKCOAT RECUBRIMIENTOS QUÍMICOS ESPECIALIZADOS S.L.U and CTR Centro de Tratamiento de Residuos del Mediterráneo SL. LIFE REPLAY aims to demonstrate that waste ceramic inkjet inks can be reintroduced into the industrial ceramic process by means of a specific separation process that meets industrial requirements. Thus, LIFE REPLAY proposes a novel circular value chain for inkjet ink wastes by introducing a new concept to reuse waste from the ceramic industry.

All the information:

AKCOAT is a company highly specialized in the manufacturing, sale and distribution of ceramic stains and digital injection inks, counting with a well experienced human team in the ceramic field. The company has branches in several countries. It also counts with a total ecological manufacturing process to respect the Environment and keep wastes under control; to ensure that wastes are sorted at the source, put to good use and disposed of properly; to reduce the amount of waste to mitigate environmental impact; to attach importance to using recycled materials.

AKCOAT acts as an end-user of the separated waste components. Its role is to validate the new ceramic inkjet ink and pigment formulations at pre- and industrial scale